Malaysia Part 2 – Langkawi NYE on our Around the World Voyage with Niko.

Our around the world voyage brings us to Langkawi where we welcome the new year in style!

During our trip to Malaysia we headed to Langkawi Island which is a short three hour boat ride from Penang. Also known as the ‘land of one’s wishes’, Langkawi is the laid back cousin of tourist-oriented Penang. This archipelago of 99 islands offers breathtaking white sand beaches, comfortably warm yet murky waters, amazing mountain-top views and beautiful waterfalls. Most of our stay was centered on Panai Cenang Beach.

Langkawi Beaches 2012

Living life island style

With the sun, surf, yummy seafood and cheap beer – this really is paradise! (Langkawi is a duty free island) We ate prawns that weighed over 500 grams! Can you believe that? There’s lot of other delicious cuisine ranging from Malaysian, Indian, Middle Eastern and even organic. When you travel with kids it helps to find a wide range of food!

Langkawi delights (Malaysia) - Around the World with Kid

We rented out a car and it took us only five hours to get around the island as there was surprisingly very little traffic. It was an exhilarating ride as we got a chance to explore some beautiful beaches such as Tanjung Rhu and Pantai Kok as well as some waterfalls such as Air Terjun Temurun. Don’t forget to carry cash as there are only a few ATMs on the island and they may decide to stop working on the same day! Yes, that happened on our third day there.

Beach bound New Year’s bash

Living like locals, we celebrated New Year’s Eve on the beach amidst airborne lanterns and spectacular fireworks. When you travel with children you’ll enjoy all the little things as well. On seeing the splendid (but little loud and scary) fireworks display, Niko said ‘Thank you fireworks for going boom high up in the sky!’ With bright bonfires and little tea-lights in beach holes spelling ‘2012’, there was certainly magic in the air. We felt blessed to welcome the New Year in such a joyous and relaxed atmosphere.

Langkawi NYE 2012

Things to do with kids on Langkawi – Niko finds fun and friends on the beach!

Travel with kids is always fun but it was also nice to see him being independent and making friends on the beach. He really had a blast building and breaking sandcastles and frolicking in the warm waters. The Langkawi Underwaterworld was another hot favourite and I’m guessing he wanted to stay a lot longer! During New Year’s he loved his new glow-in-the-dark shooting arrows which we bought from the vendor on the beach.

Making our way to Melaka

For a different experience on our round the world trip we decided to take the 14 hour night bus ride to Melaka, a colonial trading post of the English, Portuguese and the Dutch. Although we didn’t get much sleep on the bus, we headed out bright and early to explore this World Heritage Site. You’ll find a strong colonial influence in this location especially in the architecture. We loved walking down the narrow alleys of the heritage centre at No 8 Heeren Street which were filled with art and antique shops running along the river bank. With beautiful sights, affordable street food and communal harmony, Melaka is a worthy stop-over destination even when you travel with children.

Flower Bikes in Melaka

A bucketful of Malaysian memories

Due to the monsoons, we were unable to visit the amazing Perhentian Islands beaches, Borneo and neighbouring beautiful Sipadan island. However, we’re happy that we have a reason to return to this wonderful and culturally rich country. We’re continuing on our round the world trip and carrying away happy memories of this Asian delight. What a great way to spend Christmas and New Year! We’ll cherish these experiences for a life time.

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Here are some of our photos from our Langkawi and Melaka trip:

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