Final Thoughts on … Italy

Tempo al tempo.
– All in good time.

1. What we enjoyed the most or the least:

We enjoyed:

  • Picturesque landscapes, rolling hills of Tuscany, beautiful Amalfi beaches with crystal clear waters, architecture, art and history
  • Greatly developed infrastructure including highways, bridges and tunnels set in mountains
  • We loved Italian cheeses and the mocca pot
  • Red vino from the Montepulciano region
  • …and delicious Gelato
  • We didn’t enjoy:

  • Naples¬†which proved to be very dirty, sketchy and frightening … we left right after arriving
  • Too much white flour for our taste, no more pizza or pasta for us for a long time:)
  • Crazy drivers everywhere
  • 2. Activities our toddler Niko enjoyed the most:

  • Niko loved playing in fountains (especially those with fish), beaches and boats, visiting churches (looking for baby Jesus:)), running around with Kuba in Tuscany and eating gelato
  • 3. Our average expenses: Italy is expensive

  • Accommodations: 90 euro/day ($125) per night for one bedroom apartment
  • Restaurants:30 – 50 euro/visit for 3 of us
  • Food, transportation (car rental) and entertainment:60 euro/day ($85)
  • 4. Our first impressions of the locals, their culture and customs:

  • Italians are very expressive and very proud of their heritage. They struck us as courteous but not too effusive.
  • They are very religious and don’t like discussing religion and politics but love their La Passeggiata, the ultra social neighbour-friendly stroll every evening.
  • Only the¬†Madonna can save Italy’s insane drivers:)
  • 5. Our favourite places and activities:

  • Every region we’ve visited had its special atmosphere, uniqueness and feel. We loved Tuscany, Rome, the Amalfi Coast and San Marino (not Italy but you know what we mean). We haven’t seen everything Italy offers, but we are sure that it’s worth seeing! Check out all of our posts about Italy, here.
  • Here are all of our pictures from Italy and San Marino:

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