Exploring Italy with a toddler (Part 3/3)

This will be our last instalment about our trip to Italy (and San Marino). After three exhaustive posts, we realized we could not keep up this style of writing for much longer….we have come up with a new format that hopefully proves to be maintainable and enjoyable. We decided to break down our posts into four main categories:

Trip Pulse

quick and more up-to-date post about where we are at the time with links to most recent pictures

Final thoughts

Q&A style post with our thoughts that summarize the country we have just visited with links to favourite country pictures and videos

Random contemplations

posts related to things not necessarily connected to travel but rather commentary about our personal learnings while away from home.

Travel Tips and Resources

practical and hands-on information we have obtained via research or experience we wish to share with friends and other travellers with kids.

If you have other suggestions or comments, please share them in the comments section below! Thanks!

Let’s get back to Italy for one more second.

Beautiful Amalfi coast

is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, of course another UNESCO site, which is a natural world wonder married with a 2000 year history. We stayed in a small village called Minori a great starting point of our coastal discoveries. The narrow and windy roads delivered thrilling driving experiences for the not so faint of heart. Home to giant lemons, lemon liqueur Limoncello, picturesque yet stoney beaches, the Amalfi Coast delivered breathtaking views and rich experiences. No wonder, the Amalfi Coast was the holiday spot of Ancient Rome.

Any of its towns offer a unique feel, historical touch and views. Positano, Sorrento, Minori, Ravello, Amalfi and most beautiful village beach of Praiano are places you can not miss on your next visit.

Find out more about Amalfi Coast here and check out our photos below:
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Tivoli Terme and Rimini

On our way back to the airport we stopped over in Tivoli Terme, a small town outside of Rome known for its natural sulphur spring waters. Even-though the waters promised many health benefits

The The smelly health benefits of sulphur springs here is what you can expect…a bath in rotten eggs…both from a visual and the scent perspective. Our clothes smelled like sulphur for two weeks after we came back!
We also stopped for a few hours in a coastal town called Rimini known for its long and crowded beaches and the birthplace of the great Federico Fellini.

San Marino

is the world’s oldest and one of the smallest and wealthiest republics. The cleanliness of the streets and beautifully kept up houses in this small country confirm that people whoThe moutain of San Marino live here have a high standard of living. Fascinating history of the republic with its stint with communist and fascism governments is worth looking up. The most beautifully set old part of San Marino is a must see,
delivering breathtaking views, amazing architecture, plethora of food and counterfeit goods vendors.

Check out our last set of pictures from Italy and San Marino. Enjoy.
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